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July 15, 2011


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I went to see the Young Shakespeare Players performance of Our Mutual Friend last weekend. I was extremely impressed. The play was split into four sessions - one on Friday evening and the rest on Saturday - of close to three hours each.

Naturally the young actors are all amateurs, so one can't expect completely polished performances. Still, I thought the acting was generally good and sometimes truly exceptional. Mrs. Wilfer got big laughs in virtually every scene she was in. I also thought Eugene Wrayburn had improved markedly over the You Tube videos available online. The main emotion I can see on You Tube is a sincere desire to get through the scene without flubbing any lines. By last weekend she (I think it was an actress playing the role) had mastered the role enough to give a convincing portrayal of a dissipated young man who has it in him to take life seriously, if only there were anything worth taking seriously.

Those are only two examples, but there were lots of others. Lady Tippins, for example, was terrific in what is admittedly a rather one-dimensional role. I was pleasantly surprised that she came to life better on stage than what I remember from the novel. Well done!

Thank you for the report, David! It's particularly well timed, because I'm about to report on that and some other Dickensian stage productions!

This made me extremely happy for a couple reasons:
1: my sister was Mrs. Wilfer.
2: a very good friend of mine was Feldgeby
3: I'm glad you enjoyed it! because they put a lot of work into it.

I do want to say, I am also very glad to see this review.

I was in Our Mutual Friend during the workshop (which performed the first two acts) and during the summer full-length performances. Sadly I could not participate in the reprise due to school; however, I did get the chance to attend performances and must say that much of it was definitely better than I remembered. It was great to see my fellow actors take these characters and bring them to life with a ton of hard work that I know they did.

Thank you both for coming by and commenting! I wish I could have seen the production myself, but I'm very glad to hear that it went so well!

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