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July 30, 2011


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Gillian did an X-Files charity event last night and answered some fan questions on the adaptation.

"[Ms Haversham]'s heart has been broken 15 yrs previously b/c the person she was set to marry said he didn't want to..." Gillian

"...We made her younger. She kind of ages as we see her over 7 years...She has not moved on..." - Gillian on Ms. Haversham

"She's raising a young girl to break men's hearts the same way her heart was broken." Gillian says she had amazing wigs, silver white hair.

Source is tweets from!/IBGINC

Oh, thanks so much for letting us know! :-)

Wow he looks like he would make a good Joe!

I agree, Selenia! I don't think I've seen him in anything, but from his picture, I think he looks just right.

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