The Gospel in Dickens
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July 11, 2011


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Ack! Maybe you ought to warn us ahead of time about those Lady Gaga pictures....

In all fairness, the author of the second article is comparing both Dickens and Baywatch to the Anthony trial, not to each other, and he has a reasonable point, I think. Dickens was the popular culture of his time (albeit a much more worthy and valuable piece of pop culture than the other examples), and many people were engaged by him as they are by trials and stupid TV shows. It's more of an examination of the public and their viewing/reading psyche than it is of how much Our Mutual Friend is like Baywatch... (I can't believe I just put those two together in the same sentence...)

This is disturbing (and not just the Gaga pictures): I think the fundamental difference between Dickens and today's pop culture is that Dickens was always writing to enlighten. Yes, he wanted to entertain, but he also wanted to open Victorian eyes to the reality of life outside of their own comfort.

And if Dickens had been covering the Casey Anthony trial, I'm sure he would have had some scathing things to say...he so hated the abuse of and cruelty towards children...

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