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August 18, 2011


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Hehe, I think we covered that in our group fic. ;P

Now that you mention it, we did!

How much was Burn Gorman in it? I'm American, I don't get cable, so the only way for me to view it is to buy it. Is it worth the money if he's the only reason I'm buying it?

Well . . .


There are, I think, six episodes in the first season. Gorman's character gets killed off in episode 3. However, whether or not he'll appear again via flashbacks or newsreel or some other way, I don't know. Vanessa Kirby was killed off in episode 1 (the body count here is a little higher than I expected!), but she keeps showing up.

What you could do, if you'd like, is download individual episodes through iTunes. They're $2.99 each.

(By the way, I missed some other Dickensian actors. I'd forgotten that Romola Garai once played Kate Nickleby! And Juliet Stevenson (Mrs. Squeers in the same version of NN) and Anton Lesser (Mr. Meagles in "Little Dorrit") are also involved.)

Thanks for the suggestion! I downloaded Itunes and am having trouble connecting with the Itunes Store so we'll see what happens with that. I have a PC so Itunes might be arguing with my computer. ;)

If it won't work, looks like Amazon has the episodes for the same price.

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