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October 13, 2011


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+ favorite male: Sydney Carton
+ favorite female: Miss Betsey Trotwood
+ least favorite: Bill Sikes
+ most attractive: Arthur Clennam
+ three more characters that I like: Smike, Eugene Wrayburn, Jenny Wren
+ favorite romantic ship: Arthur Clennam/Amy Dorrit
+ favorite friendship: It's a tie -- David Copperfield and Tommy Traddles, and Pip and Herbert Pocket

+ favorite male: John Jarndyce
+ favorite female: Amy Dorrit
+ least favorite: the Squeers couple
+ most attractive: Nicholas Nickleby (book version). Or Conversation Kenge, who looks like Sherlock Holmes to me. :P
+ three more characters that I like: Montague Tigg, Mr Guppy, Mr Venus
+ favorite romantic ship: Amy & Arthur, or Lucie & Charles
+ favorite friendship: "Doyce and Clennam"

Mine are subject to change from day to day...there are just so many great characters. :)

Yeah, I know just what you mean. :-)

John Jarndyce is a good choice. He's such a sweetheart!

Hey, cool meme!

+ favorite male: Mr. Guppy (I can't help it XD)
+ favorite female: guess
+ least favorite: Miss Havisham? I dunno. :P
+ most attractive: maybe John Rokesmith? Not on film but bookwise. I honestly never thought about it.
+ three more characters that I like: Uriah Heep, Bradley Headstone, and Aunt Betsey
+ favorite romantic ship: Agnes/David
+ favorite friendship: David/Traddles, or Aunt Betsey/Dick

+ favorite male: This one is hard. I actually really like Fred from A Christmas Carol
+ favorite female: Estella. I also really like Helena
+ least favorite: Orlick
+ most attractive: I'm not sure about this one
+ three more characters that I like: Jaggers, the Ghost of Christmas Present, and Estella's mother even though we don't know too much about her.
+ favorite romantic ship: A few from Edwin Drood as well as Pip/Estella
+ favorite friendship: Joe and Pip perhaps, but they're more like family I suppose

+ favorite male: Arthur Clennam
+ favorite female: Esther
+ least favorite: Madame Defarge.
+ most attractive: I have to go with Estella. Without dwelling too much on physical appearances, Dickens manages to convey the impression that most of his heroes and heroines are good looking, but Estella goes out and proves it by collecting devoted admirers by the score.
+ three more characters that I like: Nadgett, the detective in Martin Chuzzlewit; Captain Cuttle; Mr. Crisparkle - I love how he uses his influence on Neville Landless to appeal to his better instincts to do, not what is easy, but what is right.
+ favorite romantic ship: Amy Dorrit and Arthur Clennam.
+ favorite friendship: Sam Weller and Mr. Pickwick. In my view, this is the friendship that transformed Pickwick Papers from being a decent first novel into one of the finest novels in the English language.

Favorite Male: David Copperfield
Favorite Female: Aunt Betsy
Least Favorite: Mr. Bumble or Madame Defarge
Most Attractive: I kind of have a crush on Sam Weller...a bit weird, I guess!
Three more characters I like: Miss Havisham, Sydney Carton, Scrooge
Favorite Romantic ship: Mr. Micawber and Mrs. Micawber maybe, I think I agree with the the other posts too!
Favorite Friendship: Maybe Nicholas and Smike or Pip and Joe

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