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December 09, 2011


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Did you, by any chance, watch Songs of Praise this Sunday? Because it was all about Dickens and his influence on how we view Christmas today, with interviews with his descendants and a look at the Great Expectations set.

That's on the BBC, isn't it? I wouldn't be able to see it here -- unless it was also on BBC America. I'll have to check into that. Thanks for the report, birdienl!

I might be able to find you a download somewhere, I know of a site that maybe has it. I also 'taped' it on the DVD recorder, but that's in my mother's house, and I wont be there for another two weeks.

Well, unfortunately I haven't been able to find a download. It is still on the DVD recorder and I could've gotten it to you by Christmas, if I hadn't forgotten to put an empty DVD in my suitcase..... Now I'm afraid you'll have to wait another two weeks, when you probably won't want to watch a Christmas program anymore!

And I'm not even sure your DVD would play over here -- it'd be a region 2, wouldn't it? We're region 1. But please don't worry about it -- I appreciate the thought, anyway. Hope you had a merry Christmas!

No, I wasn't planning to send you the DVD, I was planning to put it on a DVD to get it from the DVD-recorder to my laptop (stupid DVD recorder does not have a USB portal....) and then rip it to send it you online!

Oh, I see!

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