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January 20, 2012


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I've added one more Dickens event in Cambridge, Massachusetts - not sure if you've heard about it yet:

I have five remaining copies of a cd recording of Terror to the End: The Last Day in the Life of Charles Dickens in His Own Words (More or Less), performed by the brilliant Claywood Sempliner (free to the first five inquiries at It's a 58-minute one-man show, recorded in 1996, and appropriate for those already familiar with Dickens' life. Please leave an address for mailing at "Contact us here."

Thanks for the info, both of you!

How Should a Person Be Seen? or, Charles Dickens' Hard Times
Aesthetic Realism Foundation
141 Greene Street, New York, NY in Soho
Sunday, February 12, @ 2:30 PM

Dickens had a passionate desire to present and criticize the injustices that made English lives unnecessarily painful. This can be seen in “Hard Times,” about which poet and critic Eli Siegel gave a riveting lecture, including scenes from the novel and songs performed live about labor and the human heart. Says Eli Siegel about Josiah Bounderby—which can justly be said about people today—“He [represents] persons who make their selfishness into a national achievement…who use beautiful terms to hide grabbingness & hypocrisy."

The February Smithsonian cover story is called "Going Mad for Charles Dickens!" It's really good, as far as I've read!

Thank you! I did find a link for that. In case I don't get to posting it -- there is an AVALANCHE of birthday news coming in every day! -- here's a link:

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