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February 07, 2012


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Happy birthday to the greatest writer and friend I have ever had the pleasure and honor to come across. The world is a better place because of him.

It is now February 7 where I live. Happy 200th to the greatest inspiration of my life!

Happy birthday!
I love Oliver Twist or A Christmas Carol, even though they're not the best in a literate's eye (or so I was told). They're wonderful stories :)

Not sure about the "new" film, though:
Still is a superb classic. You find thousands of different editions on Amazon:
But also small editions
And also pure musical enchantment ;)

Dickens greatness in my view is that he represented the view from the streets because he walked them and knew the people as I observed at

Sorry I don’t post here more often, Gina. I seem always to have more wick than candle (more things to do than time in which to do them). I’m glad in Christ we have everlasting life to look forward to; but just between you and me, sometimes I wonder if even with that I’m going to be able to find time to do everything I want to do. =)

Anyway, just wanted to tell you your Dickensblog is absolutely one of my favorite sites on the entire Internet.

Such a lovely tribute post, Gina! I think Dickens has touched all our lives (whether we went looking for him or not, haha) and influenced them in some way. I know for me personally Dickens was like a crash course in human character and I'll always be thankful for that. ;)

Happy Birthday, Dickens! And many more! XD

What a brilliant post. I've really loved reading it. Thanks so much!!

What a wonderful post and tribute to Dickens, Gina!

I'm surprised by how much of my life and even writing have been shaped by Dickens and his legacy. Having an English grandmother counts for part of that, surely--but having grown up with his books and dramas those books inspired was a gift beyond measure!

Hi Gina,

Great post! We have 4 new books about Dickens being published at Oxford University Press that I encourage you and your readers to check out...

The Selected Letters of Charles Dickens

Sketches of Young Gentlemen and Young Couples: With Sketches of Young Ladies by Edward Caswall

Dickens and the Workhouse: Oliver Twist and the London Poor

Charles Dickens's Networks: Public Transport and the Novel

Please don't hesitate to email me if you'd like any more information about these titles!

My favorite author of all time, and I say, "God bless him!"
Thank you for unforgettable, transporting stories, Mr. Dickens. Thank you for making me laugh, cry, and truly want to be good!

I haven't read all of his works, I have studied and taught some of them, but I am celebrating his bicentenary by reading all of his works. Of those that I have read, Great Expectations takes a special spot in my heart...

Happy 200th to one of my favorite writers. Thanks for all your great works, Charles!

Happy, happy birthday Charles Dickens! Your incredible works will never ever cease to amaze and delight me! :)

Happy 200th Birthday, Charles Dickens! And thank you, Gina, for sharing all of these excellent quotes!

Although the 08 of February 1012 we celebrated the 200 birthday of Dickens, he continues in our society because all his books show in some way the actual society. Dickens is still an incredible writer.
Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Charles, I finished my portrait sculpture homage to him on the very morning of his birthday! Check it out here
What wonderful gifts he has left us!

James, that is beautiful! I especially love the eyes.

Thanks Gina, I've just entered him for the Portrait Society Open exhibition so hopefully he will get selected! Would you consider posting images of him on your blog?

I'll try and do that sometime next week!

Happy Birthday Mr. Dickens! Reading Dickens has totally changed my life. He's a great writer. His characters truly come off the page. I will always deeply love his work as well as Dickens himself.

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