The Gospel in Dickens
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March 18, 2012


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If we should ever see Finch with a copy of anything Dickens under his arm, I for one would promptly expire of delighted fandom overstimulation.

Sigh. You really have no mercy. I don't have time for Dickens, I insist. Of course I love A Tale of Two Cities - who wouldn't? But his books are so Thick and he is so Classic, and if I start going around insisting I Read Dickens people are going to look at me funny.

People already look at me funny.

All right, adding him to my list - actual list in my brand new travel journal - setting out on Monday in search of lovely second hand books in Scotland.

I do; however, refuse to read A Christmas Carol. The only Christmas Carol I can stomach is the Muppets version - and possibly the one-man Patrick Stewart - and then only if he actually does play the turkey. I won't even watch the Doctor Who.


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