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April 16, 2012


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I wouldn't mind watching this film again either. I completely missed a big chunk of it (about half an hour) so I'm going to head over to PBS to check it out :).

I thought it was awesome (as compared to the new GE, which didn't seem like Dickens at all IMO). This could actually probably be my favorite Dickensian film (but that could also be because I didn't know much about the book - however the Wikipedia summary seemed fairly close). Everyone seemed very Dickensian (Bazzard and Durdles were especially funny) which I think is sometimes lost in the adaptations.

However, I do agree that the two-hour format was rather limiting, and that the fact that Drood was EVERYONE's father was a bit silly (although we do know that Dickens wasn't exactly realistic in his connections), as well as the method of bringing Edwin back - I think they theoretically *could* have done so without it seeming odd, but I think there needed to be a bit of buildup rather than the "o hai" version we got. I did like the Jasper-being-Edwin's-brother-bit, though I think Dickens meant to be his uncle only from the notes he left. I'd probably give it 4.5, especially for a 2 hour movie.

You've given me an idea, Nina . . . :-)

Gina, totally agree with you that Rory Kinnear in particular was excellent, but I also thought the revelations of Drood Snr being everybody's daddy, was silly. I did like the first episode of this new adaptation,but then it all went wrong. The Claude Rains film is so much better!

A little late here...just saw this on DVD. :) I did think the "happy" ending was a bit contrived. It took me a while to warm up to Edwin, and then as soon as I did it turned out he had run away, only to come back in the nick of time. It's also not clear to me whether he and Rosa get married in the end, sort of an ironic ending...

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