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April 01, 2012


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I think the boy who played young Pip did a wonderful job! And I loved the part with Magwitch and the pie, I could see the change in him right then as well. :)

Overall, I really enjoyed it. I thought it held fairly close to the book and hopefully, will get someone who hasn't read it to actually go pick up a copy. Grown-up Pip was a bit too pretty for my taste, and I missed Biddy (among other things) but I am just so happy to get a new version on GE, that I can overlook the changes that have been made. I am looking forward to next week!

Loved reading your commentary! The cross-stitch part is so true. I didn't watch this--it doesn't look much like an improvement on the older versions--but I'm looking forward to the rest of your review. :)

Anderson's Miss Haversham had me wondering whether I was watching "Great Expectations" or "Ghost Hunters International." Love the bit about Pip being prettier than Estella! So true.

Truth be told, "Great Expectations" isn't one of my favorite Dickens novels -- it's middle of the pack for me. Like others, I noticed the excisions but in this case I may not mind.

I think Estella's unruly behavior was that she kissed Pip on the cheek and showed true emotion after Pip flattened Herbert. Miss Haversham saw the whole thing through the window, then made the comment about how they'll have to start over.
I wondered about the apprenticeship fee too. But, I think she made the contract with Joe and paid the apprenticeship fee to crush Pip's hope for his future with Estella--she could see how disappointed he was, and clearly that she wasn't giving him what he wanted--and she wanted him to assure he knew his future was now in the forge.

I love your way of "reviewing" all the little details - it's just the way I originally "nitpick" over everything in films of my favorite authors' works. GE became one of my favorite books this month, but I don't know it so well that I'll be able to make all your acute observations when I see the new adaptation. PBS is putting it up online for a limited time, right? I wonder how long that is?

I watched this when it was first shown here in the UK and found it disappointing in many ways. I'll be interested to read the final verdict from across the pond!

Glad to know I wasn't the only one who wondered why Pip was prettier than Estella, and why Estella wasn't really cute enough to inspire a long-term crush. As far as I can remember, from medieval times "articles of apprenticeship" had to be drawn up and someone had to cover the expenses incurred by the employer to take on an apprentice. This seems like a gesture to help Joe out financially, even though it wasn't the schooling Pip was hoping for.

I'm somewhat disappointed that GE is not being given the full dramatization given to Bleak House.

I don't know why Estella isn't more gorgeous either. That has me perplexed.

LOVE Miss Havisham tho, and her constant scratching of her hands. I don't think she is encouraging Pip's crush -- at least, if so, it's not as creepy-obvious here as it was in the Ioan Gruffudd version. That gave me the creeps -- and not in a good way.

I liked reading this! Good work.

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