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April 08, 2012


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Harry Lloyd was just brilliant!!!

He was, wasn't he? :-)

I really wish they had done a more thorough dramatization, like Bleak House and Little Dorritt. I think the visits to Walworth, the relationship with Wemmick and the Aged P., and Trabb's boy making fun of Pip really give more insight into Pip's development. No Biddy, and no nursing from Joe also detract from the story. I think the ending is too "happily-ever-after", not as ambiguous as the book. This seemed more like a "Cliff's Notes" version, and the first Masterpiece Dickens that disappointed me.

I love it. So much that I may watch it again this week. =)

I finally got to watch this episode. I loved the way Gillian Anderson played Miss Havisham. A nice change from the freaky-old-crone versions. I liked how she was pathetically creepy rather than scary beyond all reason. And the self-immolation was beautifully done, even if it wasn't quite accurate.
Harry Lloyd as Herbert Pocket was too, too delicious and adorable, and in no way did Pip deserve a friend like him.
I loved the way Estella was portrayed. They made her look very much like a victim of Miss Havisham. I thought the actress did a magnificent job of looking so very, very hard, and underneath it so very very desperate and sad, all on her face without ever saying anything. She reminded me very greatly of Edith Dombey, too.

I just finished re-reading GREAT EXPECTATIONS, probably the third time though. I was fascinated by how much I loved it this time. I love any and all Dickens, but GE was never one of my faves. This time I read it as a critique of capitalism as well as a statement about the British class system, and I appreciated that. Also, I loved the way Pip goes back and forth between self-centeredness and consideration for others, and the way he comes around to being able to love his grimy benefactor.

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