The Gospel in Dickens
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July 27, 2012


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Eh, Kenneth Branagh wasn't Scrooge per se. He was... random dude in tophat & Victorian dress, quoting Shakespeare. And then chewing on a cigar and acting like he was The Boss.

Hi there! This is such a great blog, by the way. :)

I was really disappointed by the lack of Dickens in the ceremony. HOWEVER, in that one confusing part where the movie clips were reflected on the house, I did see a 3-second-ish clip of the Oliver Twist "Please, sir, I want some more," scene from the old movie. Better than nothing, I guess. :D

Thank you both for the updates and corrections!

From Catalonia.
I was expecting for Dickens (or Dickens characters) but I feel disappointed.
Only saw this short scene of Oliver Twist film.
Fantastic ceremony, but... I missed Dickens!

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