The Gospel in Dickens
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August 21, 2012


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A bit of a silly question, but did the Dickens descendants adopt a different British accent when reading the narrative of their ancestor's work, or did they sound the same as they did in conversation and/or addressing the audience?

Only if a character's dialect called for it.

Right, but the narrative, non-character portions - if you closed your eyes, did you almost feel like Charles Dickens himself was reading his work to you?

I hope so; since I assume it would have made the experience all the more memorable for you, dear Gina, I certainly hope so.

I wouldn't be aware of any vocal similarities or differences. But what I think most, if not all, of his descendants got from him was his tremendous energy. That seems to have passed down the generations without being diluted or lessened at all!

Gina, thank you for sharing...this was all so wonderful to see!!

my home town :)

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