The Gospel in Dickens
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October 13, 2012


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For me, It is Madam DeFarge and David's step-dad and his sister from David Copperfield.

Judging by the books I've read so far (Christmas Carol, Pickwick Papers, Little Dorrit, Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations) I would indeed choose Rigaud/Blandois. He's maybe not sheer brutality, but he's false and sneeky next to evil and drags other people with him in his evil plans.

Oh wait, I also read David Copperfield....

Mr. and Mrs. Squeers are the ones that disturb me the most. Pecksniff is pretty abominable, too, but I don't think he's quite as evil as the Squeers.

I think Squeers and his wife are dreadful! They enjoy abusing kids! How sick is that? Plus, their greedy!

Tulkinghorn -- who was mean without cause; he didn't even seem to do it for selfish reasons; he just enjoyed being cruel to people.

Mr. Bramble, the board and all the "philosophers"...petty, evil, abusive, cruel and self righteous, not just cruel, but destroying children "for their own good".

I think Daniel Quilp was the most despicable of the lot (The Curiosity Shop)

Without doubt, the most thoroughly bad character in all Dickens' work is Bill Sykes. He may not have a great deal of social or political clout but he was a brutal and cold-blooded villain for sure.

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