The Gospel in Dickens
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February 25, 2013


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Discover what became of The Artful Dodger after the execution of Fagin, in my highly praised novel, 'Jackanapes-The Artful Dodger and the Hero of the Forlorn Hope'.
Having sold out, this limited edition novel has now been re-published as an ebook. It is available to every major type of ereader, including Kindle, Kobo, Sony, Palm, etc. The opening chapters can be read for free before purchasing. 'Jackanapes' costs very little to buy and can also be downloaded to PCs by Googling Epub and the book title. Here are some excerpts from reviews of the original hardback Happy ereading!
T John Ward

‘- I was fortunate enough to be given a copy of ‘Jackanapes’ and read it in a single sitting, it was (sic) a wonderful adventure and I loved it. Do you have any further adventures in the pipeline?’
CHARLES DICKENS great,great grandson, Gerald Dickens

‘An interesting and exciting read.- and a very realistic and absorbing story’. Much better than I expected'.
Thelma Groves – The Dickens Fellowship

‘An exciting adventure told with flair and imagination–‘

‘A terrific read. I am recommending ‘Jackanapes’ to all my friends’

‘The Artful Dodger lives again to swagger through an exhilarating adventure!’

‘I'd like a shorter title but it is good. Wow! What can I say? Dickens himself, I am sure, would love this. It really is excellent and I can see why the Dickens family are right behind John Ward. It is difficult to find fault anywhere but there was one 'i' where 'I' was required. There, criticism over! I must read the whole thing. This is writing at its best and what a marvellous idea - and character to pluck from literature. The author has not tried to change the Artful Dodger in any way at all and taken nothing away from the original. That is a great achievement. I would love to write this well. I would be most surprised if this book does not make best seller on a global basis.’
--- Review By author: Bruce Brislin

‘This was a joy to read. With the imaginative use of language and the wonderful descriptions of places and people, the story came to an end much too quickly for me. It was totally engrossing and written with perfect pace and style. It's a very interesting idea to continue the story of Oliver Twist in this way, and seems such a natural one when written in so professional a manner. The characters and the dialogue came across as authentic and the dialogue flowed naturally. It must surely have great appeal as a historical novel, as well as an interesting and unusual tale. -- From a review By: author l Moulding

‘The narrative is fast-paced, making the reader want to find out what is over the next page. A difficult book to put down’
‘First Empire’ magazine

‘Highly recommended to all our members-‘
The Sharpe Appreciation Society.

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