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March 28, 2013


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And after that painful radio show can they be trusted? ;)

Ha! Well, BBC Films and BBC Radio are two different entities . . . I think. :-)

I'd speculate Joe Wright is a possibility for director... I loved the new Jane Eyre, also by BBC Films, so maybe this will be good.

Oh, well, if that happens, then it's Keira Knightley for Lucie. :-) Wonder how she'd look as a blonde?

Nooooooooooooo not ducklips!

I'm not advocating it, although I don't think she's all that bad myself. :-) I do think she's all wrong for Lucie. But you know how Wright casts her in everything.

Then again, he DID use my pick for Lucie, Alicia Vikander, in "Anna Karenina." Maybe it'll be Vikander as Lucie and Knightley as Madame Defarge? :-)

(Again, this is all just speculation -- none of us really knows anything yet!)

She's ok, but she's pretty pouty. She might make a good Estella. But not Lucie!

Yes yes! I love the tale of two cities book! I hope they make a new film. With way better looking characters than the 1980 version! Pick a cast that makes it hard for us to decide team Darnay or team Carton!

Is the script available yet

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