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May 06, 2013


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Does Theresa sell autographed photos? I would love to obtain one. Does she have contact info?

As far as I know, she doesn't.

Since the second voice is supposed to be Mrs. Cratchit's I suspect it's the voice of Hermione Baddeley, not Theresa Derrington's.

I have watched this film SO many times over the past 50 years, and I fall in love with Fred's maid every time I see her. She is SO beautiful (and played her part so well), that I am amazed she didn't go on to be a major actress of her day! I am not at all surprised to see so many people making the comments above.
Thank you, Theresa. This is a truly wonderful film, and you were the icing on the cake!

And a very big THANK YOU to you, Gina, for finding Theresa!!

The scene, for me, has been a tear-jerker on many occasions, becAuse it shows the timid maid becoming the confident reassurer of the once-confident protagonist now needing that support. So many positive messages about life can be gleaned by this simple, silent but ever-so-powerful short scene.

I love this version of the Christmas CarolI. I was also interested in this character. Please keep me posted on Ms Derrington. Best wishes

Thank you, Theresa Derrington Cozens-Hardy! What tour de force performances in a 'seconds' of screen time.

What makes a good film in to a great film? The details, the scene between Scrooge and the maid seems like a throw away scene, but it adds so much to the flow of the movie. It is perfection!!

Another Xmas has come and gone, but a Xmas Carol still reigns--best ever !! I must have watched it a hundred times as I have the DVD. Alastair Sim and Theresa are great and add so much to the movie.
My best wishes to Theresa and her family, she must be proud that so many people fell in love with her.
Love from British Columbia Canada

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