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May 14, 2013


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This is easy because I've actually thought about it a lot.

First off, I'd waive any Drood questions, because If I'm seeing him face to face, I'm guessing (hoping) that we're in Heaven and there'll be other people who'll ask those questions, so I can just eavesdrop.

I'd ask him if he could explain to me why, out of all the wonderful characters, in all of his wonderful books (suck up), Estella is my favotite.

I remember reading Great Expectations when I was fourteen or fifteen years old, and I remember hating when she went out of the story - when she was, "educating for a lady; far out of reach," - and being so happy when she came back.

I don't know why this is. Maybe because we get so little Estella in the book. Maybe less is more?

This would really depend on my mood and, like Jerry said, whether I could hear others' Q&A, too. Borrowing a question for Tolkien, I would be curious to hear Dickens' opinion on the movie and TV adaptations of his books.

Did you really believe that posterity would forgive you for the way you treated Catherine?

I find her fascinating myself, Jerry, for the very reason you suggest!

Christopher - I'd like to hear his answer to your question too. I'm not sure if posterity ever will forgive him, but I'm pretty sure that Catherine has.

That's beautifully put.

Thanks Gina. But I can only take credit for the words, not the sentiment. That belongs to Miss Emerson, my 8th Grade English Literature Teacher. The same question was raised. Her response was essentially what I shared with Christopher. I guess it's been rattling around my cavernous cranium ever since, looking for a way out.

Teachers! Right? You just never know what's going to stick.

I'd ask him: "What would you think if Oliver Twist willfully asked for more gruel for another boy, instead the kids drawing straws?"

Fancy going for a walk Charles?

It maybe a boring question for some, but I would've loved to have gone out for a walk with CD in London,Rochester,Chatham or anywhere.

I think it's a very nice question. Goodness knows he loved his walks!

Sorry for all the weird typo-errors in my 1st posted question!
Please tell me: Why is the ending of the movie, Great Expectations, soo different than (either) ending in the book? I understand some license is taken in movies, but the movie's ending is vastly different, so I was completely taken aback when I juse reached the end of the book (a Wordsworth Classics edition).

After enjoying reading it, I am very interested in reading A Tale Of Two Cities and David Copperfield, but am a little hesitant to do so, now knowing there could be vastly different endings in the books.

Which Great Expectations movie are you referring to, Anne Marie? There have been a number of them over the years! :-)

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