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December 29, 2015


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I am probably clutching at straws, and she hasn't had lots of screen time in the 4 episodes so far, but Fanny Biggetywitch certainly reminds me of Fanny Squeers. Maybe Miss Squeers married an unfortunate soul called Mr Biggetywitch and moved to London?!

That could very well be it! It'll be interesting to find out if you're right! :-)

My only slight disappointment is the diction and vocabulary of Mrs. Gamp. Her frequent mispronunciations were an important comedy trait in Martin Chuzzlewit and Pauline Collins could have deliciously hammed that up.

Is she not Mrs Sparsit? From Hard Times?

I have just come upon this blog - and going to the BBC site on Dickensian - it states that Fanny Biggetwitch comes from the book Little Dorrit. The only character Fanny in Little Dorrit is the snobbish elder daughter Fanny Dorrit, who presumably became by fair means or foul a Biggetwitch. Case solved Inspector Bucket?

You mean this page, Nigel?

I don't see anything on there about Fanny Dorrit.

No but it says in the list of characters that Fanny Biggetwitch is a character in the book Little Dorrit - the only Fanny in Little Dorrit is Fanny Dorrit so she must have become Fanny Biggetwitch by marriage or design - QED

If I remember rightly, Fanny Dorrit, elder sister of Amy, afterwards married Mr Sparkler, not Mr Biggetywitch. Sorry Nigel!

A rather late contribution(2023).

Might she be a manifestation of Sairey Gamp's imaginary friend Mrs Harris (Martin Chuzzlewit)?

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