The Gospel in Dickens
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January 07, 2016


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I happen to be a Dickens expert and even live in his town. Think you'd need to be to make head or tail of this series, Mal

so the source of this is wrong about Fanny Bickettywitch - not Fanny Dorrit under another name then

I just want to say that I was enthralled by Dickensian and If there is a way to vote for a second season please lead me to it...

It has spurred me into reading some of the Dickens books that I just never had time for in the past.

Oh, retirement is great.

I will be following your blog from now on...

Gerry from Rio

I found the Dickensian very interesting...having read most of the stories, it was neat how they describe what leads up to some things... like Marley's demise, and Miss Havisham's road to 'insanity'... pretty cool if you ask me.
But like Gerry Eigen stated, now to go back and read the ones I've missed. :)

Is there any chance of a second series or a book to continue with this fantastic story.

Would BBC consider making a further series of Dickensian. I have watched it for the second time and enjoyed it again. Please make another series.

I'm afraid I have no pull with the BBC, Pat! You'd need to contact them directly.

To : BBC Re , Dickensian ' Pleases Sirs, Can we have some more ? '

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