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May 24, 2017


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sounds crazy but I'm excited for another Christmas carol. It's my second favorite Dickens book!

Angela, what's your favorite one? Mine is Christmas Carol, though closely followed by A Tale of Two Cities. They need to do a good movie version of that one!

We haven't had a new TV or movie adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities for almost thirty years! The last one was the Masterpiece Theatre version in 1989, which was done to celebrate the bicentennial of the French Revolution. On the other hand, every time I turn around there's a new version of A Christmas Carol or Oliver Twist! Even David Copperfield had a couple remakes in the past twenty years. It seems like A Tale of Two Cities is ignored by whoever's adapting Dickens novels to TV, maybe because it's not "Dickensian" enough. A few years ago there was talk of Alan Bleasdale doing a miniseries of TTC. He's the same one who did Oliver Twist back in 1999. However, nothing has come of it. Barry Levinson was going to do a box office version of TTC back in the nineties, but nothing came of that either.

Susan you are so right! We need a TTC movie... it's ironic because TTC is such a cinematic novel. It's like Dickens wrote it to be a screenplay...

There should be a club for those of us who are eagerly and frustratedly waiting for a new ATOTC adaptation, and following every rumor with bated breath. I think there are more of us than anyone realizes -- I found myself chatting with a couple of them on Twitter the other day, who were just as eager and just as frustrated as I. If only the moviemakers knew about us!!

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