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April 05, 2018


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No, this is just how Christie wrote the line.

Yes, it is Christie's line. My argument is that the filmmakers misinterpreted the line.

I thought Poirot's Dickens reading was funny and clever. I did not interpret the film to mean that the screenwriter was confused by the line and thought that Poirot, in Christie's original work, read his Dickens during the train ride. We know from the M. Harris line that Poirot is a Dickens fan; thus, Poirot enjoys reading Dickens on the train (before and after making the M. Harris remark). (Train rides are ideal for novel reading.) I wonder which of the other passengers also enjoys Dickens. MacQuean?

4 years later, but I agree with first theory. The porter mentions open berth. passenger has yet to arrive M. Harris and Poirot says “A name of good omen…I read my Dickens, M. Harris will not arrive.” Referring to made up character name used in an old Dickens novel.

Harris, Mrs ( Martin Chuzzlewit ) Imaginary friend of Sairey Gamp who uses Mrs Harris's invented quotes to establish Mrs Gamp's good reputation. To state that a fearful mystery surrounded this lady of the name of Harris, whom no one in the circle of Mrs Gamp’s acquaintance had ever seen; neither did any human being know her place of residence, though Mrs Gamp appeared on her own showing to be in constant communication with her. There were conflicting rumours on the subject; but the prevalent opinion was that she was a phantom of Mrs Gamp’s brain – as Messrs Doe and Roe are fictions of the law – created for the express purpose of holding visionary dialogues with her on all manner of subjects, and invariably winding up with a compliment to the excellence of her nature.

Is there some comedic part in a Tale of Two Cities that explains Poirot's two outbursts of laughing while reading alone in the dining car?

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