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January 23, 2019


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It's interesting that they're going to do A Christmas Carol as a miniseries since it's a pretty short and simple story. But it's true that it has some great scenes which often get cut in movie versions so it'll be nice if we get those. I'm a little worried though that since A Christmas Carol is so famous, they'll want to change the plot and characters too much for my tastes.

I'm kind of disappointed that it sounds like they're interested in doing Dickens books which have been adapted frequently. But if the truth be told, I'd probably pick the same ones as they did if I were selecting which of Dickens' books I thought were the best. Great Expectations is actually my favorite (along with Nicholas Nickleby) and Oliver Twist and David Copperfield are pretty high ranking in my personal estimation too.

I might be more than willing to forgive them not looking for fresher material if they don't make the Artful Dodger a good guy and do have Pip forgive Miss Havisham. Some of the only adaptations to stay true to the books in those respect have been the Wishbone episodes.

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