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October 02, 2019


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I think it looks OK. Better than the 1969 movie and the 1974 miniseries. Not as good as the 1935 movie and the 1999 miniseries. Maybe about as good as the 2000 adaptation? We'll see.

Like advance word has said, this movie seems to be mainly focused on the comedic aspects of the book. While I think this will prevent it being a really great adaptation since I consider the dramatic and sincere aspects of the book to be a big part of its appeal, I'm not hating the comedic direction they're taking. So many movie versions of Charles Dickens (and Jane Austen) books are gloomy and pretentious that I think it's good to have an adaptation or two focused on humor and entertainment value. That's why I love the 2002 Nicholas Nickleby movie directed by Douglas McGrath. (SPOILER: And it looks like they're going to keep Ham's death scene so it's not like they're totally ignoring the melodramatic parts of the story.)

I'm not really liking the decision to have David Copperfield be an adult when his mother dies and he runs away to Betsey Trotwood. Is the actor who plays young DC really bad or something?

The cinematography looks stunning! I loved Patel in The Man Who Knew Infinity and Lion, so I'm sure he'll do an excellent job.

Not sure about the script.... This is a story that I always thought was mostly tragic - as in, bawling-my-eyes-out sad - so the comic angle may be hard for me to get around.

I couldn't say, Cody; I've never seen him in anything. :-) It does seem like an odd choice. My guess is that they wanted to maximize Patel's screentime -- but again, it's only a guess.

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